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Precious Vanity for the past 10 years has been on a

journey of rediscovering tradition, symbolism, 

mysticism that exists in our social culture and 

our historic heritage. Religion is the sacred shelter

were symbols occupy our constant search for the divine.

Remastering symbols of Christianity that has

accompanied the Greek tradition is a challenge that we welcome and work hard to showcase our customers a

new visual language, and hopefully add another sacred piece to this unique and extraordinary traditional art. 

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Part of our heritage as traditional Greek jewelers is 

to create every year a collection of bracelets, pendants,

crosses, and charms that address our need of collecting

a piece of sacred jewellery. Our collections through the 

years have been developing a new aesthetic language 

and establishing a new style that cannot be overseen.

Every material can become sacred if treated with love

and respect, and we have a lot to show for in that 

direction. If you are looking for unique creations with superior craftmanship to enrich your store's

collection you are in the right place.

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This line of products was born from our desire to produce 

small and elegant symbols that would earn their special place

  in our home and our lives. All it took to fall in love with this process was

the great feedback we got from our clients. It has been almost 14 years

that we took this road and we haven't regretted for doing so.

We hope in the future more people will own a piece of

precious vanity. 

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