Pearls Stones and Gems, parent company of the Precious Vanity Brand, historically is one of the leading companies in the Greek manufacturing and trade sector of gold jewelry and high level luxury accessories . Founded in 1980, the company excelled both in Greek and International markets. Creativity, innovative design and responsible commitment towards its clients are the key elements that have driven this family company for over 30 years at a leading position , together with a deep and honest passion for the art of creating excellent jewelry that has passed on from father to son .

In 2008, strengthened by an amazing tradition and experience,the company creates a new Brand called Precious Vanity which aims at youthful, modern, luxurious and affordable creations.The two exclusive Greek designers of the company have managed with their two latest dynamic and innovative collections to place Precious vanity on the top of every fashionable and chic woman's preferences who knows how to demand only the best in her life in every aspect.Silver as a base is framed with modern radical materials which take off the design, keeping prices affordable for all economic standards.Today, Precious Vanity holds 2 shop in shop and an exclusive Concept Shop Precious Vanity, while one may find the brand's unique creations in more than 700 Spots & Corners in Greece and Cyprus.

The success of the Precious Vanity brand is the result of a perfect combination of creativity, research and innovation, merged with an excellent craftsmanship always inspired by the pioneering spirit of forward looking people.